Drug dog detection training and handler classes at the Tennessee facility of Positive Response Canines offers training for K-9 drug dogs and handlers.  Training for both drug dogs and their handlers meet the standards set forth by the U.S. Customs Service for drug detection by K-9 units.

The 112 acre drug dog training site has a 10,000 sq foot building that provides numerous opportunities for K9 drug and narcotics search scenarios. PRC provides on site outdoor areas that simulate realistic traffic stops and vehicular drug searches. Stationary vehicles are also used to hone the detection skills of both the drug dog and handler. Off site dog training locations are utilized that add to the variety of drug training opportunities.

It isn't just about finding the drugs ....
Positive Response Canine's goal is to train drug sniffing dogs and their handlers in the tried and true methods of a proper drug search as well as incorporating training in the necessary record keeping to allow the case to stand up in court. Class size is limited to ensure intense individual training for both the drug dog and handler.

All the K-9 drug dogs pictured on this web site were trained at the PRC facility. All drugs and money shown were seized by police narcotic teams using dogs trained by Positive Response Canines.
Drug  Dogs and Handler Training
Specialized training of drug sniffing dogs and handlers for police departments, law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities.

Limited class size facilitates training for both police K-9s and handlers - The result is a highly trained narcotic  search team.
You and your drug dog are welcome to attend training classes regardless where your K9 partner was purchased.

PRC has fully trained, certified narcotic detector dogs available on a limited basis. Contact for availability or to order a  drug search dog.
Positive Response Canines Training Center
PRC Offers the Highest Quality Training for:
Passive and Aggressive
Drug Dogs

Owner/Trainer, Lt. Mark Robertson has years of practical street experience as well as specialized training from a number of law enforcement agencies in scent detection work. His knowledge, qualifications and experience provide exceptional true-to-life training in drug detection for both the dog and handler.
- Trained drug dogs - Passive and Aggressive Responses 
- K9 and Handler training and refresher courses
- Training Seminars available for Law Enforcement Agencies - Goal Oriented Focus
Drug Dog Teams from Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Shelby County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Detection Dog Teams
Mark Robertson, trainer far right
Your success is our success. We enjoy the  emails and photos we receive from those of you who have received training at PRC and are experiencing success on the streets or in Correctional Facilities. With your permission we will post them in the Drug Dog Galleries.

Please include the name of the officer and/or canine and a brief statement to explain the photo.
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The  Advanced Training Seminar
Training for Drug and Cadaver Dogs
October 27,28,29, 2014
Training session - Aggressive ResponseDrug find at Fed ExMattie's findResponse to scent independent of handlerDrug Dog doing an interior vehicle searchTraining in a jail environmentHydro and drug findVirgin Islands seminar - Mark Robertson instructor center right
Miles doing interior building search
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